Mission Aviation Training Centre is an international flying school. We train professional pilots and specifically future MAF pilots. MAF operates in some of the most challenging places in the world. That requires high quality, specialized training.DSCF0338

Our courses are available to anyone looking for exceptional training, whether it is for private flying or towards a professional career. If you are interested in flying for MAF then training at MATC is by far your best choice!

This week we received the exiting news that we are officially an ATO approved Flight School! We were expecting this for quite a while now, as the auditors had responded very postively to our manuals and the way we are building up the Flight School. The quality approach we take, based on the years of experience in MAF, is paying off.

The approval is for the whole organisation, compliance management and Safety System that we have in place, including the PPL syllabus. Coming month we will finalize the application for including the syllabi for Night Rating, SEP Rating, Instrument rating and early next year CPL, however the most important hurdle has been taken!

Thanks to our team who put in weeks of overtime, many early morning breakfast meetings, pouring over manuals and procedures; you hard work has been rewarded!

Don’t2015-08-28 12.22.01 think that we stop now with the hard work; we have many ideas and plans to expand MATC further. As someone said:

“Standards; I am easily satisfied with the best” (churchill)

A few weeks ago we spend three days in Meschede, Germany with 6 pilots training Terrain Flying procedures. What a great flight camp it was! Thanks to Jan van Leeuwen we even have a stunning video to wet your appetite for the upcoming flight camps, all on MAF related topics. Don’t miss it!