Standard Courses

From the end of 2015 MATC offers all modular courses that you require to become a professional pilot. MATC is certified as an Approved Training Organisation (ATO). After completion of eachcourse and flight test you will get an EASA (European) Licence.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

In the training towards the PPL we lay the foundation foP1170697r becoming a competent pilot. The PPL is great for discovering your potential as a pilot and deciding if you should pursue a flying career or simply enjoy flying as a private pilot!





Night Rating

The Night Rating is a great way to expand your PPL privileges. A short but intense course to learn to fly at night.


Instrument Rating (IR)

The Instrument Rating is a decisive step towards becoming a Commercial Pilot. In this course you learn to fly with reference to instruments only. The rating allows you to fly in a wider range of weather conditions which gives new possibilities and challenges.



Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

When you want to make flying your profession, the CPL course is your final step. Everything you have learned is taken to a higher level11887908_517012385131394_40402906482780908_n. You also learn to fly on a more complex aircraft.